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    Qingdao CTC Feed Corp.: National

    Release time:2015-03-22  Browse:2122
    Qingdao City, China, October 14, 2014 -- Qingdao CTC Feed Corp. (“CTC”) announced that the company has been designated the National High/New Technology Enterprise (“HNTE”) by various China government agency.
    CTC’s business philosophy emphasizes environment protection, pioneer spirit and global harmony. The company believes producing safe and pollution-free products is of vital importance for feed to food industries. With patented technology and rich material resources in various locations, CTC has strong production capacity and a very effective quality control system. 

    Being a national HNTE, the company will enjoy lower corporate income tax rate (from the regular 25% to 15% starting this year), faster custom clearance, preferential terms of bank loans, priority in government approvals of various administrative applications, etc.