Qing Dao CTC
Leading the Plant-derived Raw Materials Industry

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Resource advantage

Qingdao CTC, A Care, Trustworthy Partner for Your Business Growth. We has accumulated more than 10 years professional experience in technical, human resource, and marketing in the feed health industry. An environmentally freindly company chooses world-leading technology, develops environmentally friendly ruminants, pet health raw materials, probiotics, etc., and provides first-class farm value-added services.

Technical advantages

Has a number of patented technologies,
National high-tech enterprise focusing on health of ruminant animals and companion animals

Market Advantage

After more than ten years of development, the company has earned a good reputation in the industry.
It has become a promoter in the domestic feed industry, pet industry and a accelerator in the devlelpment of these industries.

Stable supply advantage

All year round, CTC provide our customers with high-quality imported pasture, potato products, citrus products, fruit and vegetable products, hydrophilic colloids, pet food raw materials, probiotics and other nutrient-rich feed products.